Friday, November 1, 2013

Leaving My Comfort Zone or Starting the Season Right

Now that I think about it, it should probably be an "and" rather than an "or" in the title; both apply.

This evening, I most certainly did step out of my comfort zone:  I went to a craft fair.  Those of you who know me well might not believe me, but I assure you that it did actually happen.  It's quite shocking, I know.  I'm not girlie at all, I'm not creative, nor do I have a crafty bone in my body.  Regardless, I have a new friend who was planning a booth at a big craft fair in Oceanside and so I thought I'd go check it out.  Admittedly, I was only there for about 20 minutes, but was a stretch for me. 

My friend makes super cute banners, so in addition to the Christmas pillow covers that I ordered from a complete stranger, I bought a little stand and a couple of banners from my friend.  I was initially only going to get a Christmas banner, but as I thought about it, I searched the box one more time and found this Thanksgiving banner.

It's cute, isn't it?  The picture doesn't really do it justice; you can't see the detail in the paper and whatnot.  It's sitting on top of  a bookshelf, underneath photos of the people who I love the most.

At any rate, as I quickly stood there trying to make a decision, which I'm notoriously bad at, I felt led to get this one.  I've been working very hard in my personal life lately, trying to spend more time counting my blessings and being a more thankful person.  What better way to help myself stick with that as we enter this season of Thanksgiving than to have an adorable little reminder each and every time I walk up the stairs?  It's perfect. 

Tonight I am thankful for the oldest and dearest of friends, for friendships that are just beginning, and for timely reminders.

Welcome to November!

FYI - You should check out my friend's shop at Esty shop.  I'm sure that she would either have something or be able to create something that you would love!


Joy said...

I love when you blog! And I love that banner! AND I can totally understand your feelings about craft fairs. As much as I would love to be a "Pinterest Mom" I'm just not. And I'm starting to be OK with that because you don't have to be "crafty" to create beauty. For instance, your alphabetized DVD collection is really a beautiful thing!

Missy Shell said...

Aw, thanks Joy!
And yes...alphabetized ANYTHING is fabulous. :-)