Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nervous Dining

Something occurred to me this evening.  Actually, it's occurred to me before, but tonight I chose to verbalize it. As Andy and I were on our way to dinner (Hooray for date nights!), I realized that I was stressed out.  Not because of life or anything like that, but because of where we going: Souplantation.

While it is a place that I enjoy eating, until I'm actually sitting at a table, I worry.  The same thing happens when we go to Pat & Oscar's (whatever it's called now) or Pei Wei.  I really, really don't like going to places where you have to pay first and then hope you get a table.  What if it's super crowded and there isn't a table?  It's a little thing, but turns out, it's something that always stresses me out.  If we're going to go out and eat somewhere, if I'm paying money for someone else to feed me, I want to know that I'm going to have a nice place to sit.  It's happened before, right?  You're standing in the crowded beverage area holding your tray, and all of the tables are full.  It's SO irritating.  So from the moment that we decide we're going to one of those locations until we're finally seated and relaxed, I'm a big ball of nerves.  And really, what's the point of going out if I'm going to be stressed???

Who am I kidding?  I'm certainly going to be going to Souplantation again, and Pei Wei (although we don't really go to P&O's anymore), but just know that if you ever invite me to one of those places, I'll be a little jittery until we're happily sitting down.

Yeah.  I'm weird.   


Joy said...

That's why parents always go at 4pm:) Oh man, now I want some Souplantation!!

Cyn said...