Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

This afternoon, I found myself laying in bed while watching the Steelers at the Raiders.  Hey, it was almost one hundred degrees at our house today and our bedroom is the only room with air conditioning!

Upon seeing the baseball diamond on the field (which I hate during football season), I rolled over and asked Andy, "Who plays at the Coliseum?  Are the Dodgers playing there now?"

I'll let you figure out where I went wrong.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

While America is Sleeping

As I sit here watching the news, I am confronted with continual stories flooding in from the Middle East.  Hundreds, even thousands of people, in multiple countries, are now protesting our embassies.  They are protesting America. Why?  Because we happen to disagree with them.  The movie was just the catalyst; it's our difference in ideology that is the problem.

If these were normal, rational, peaceful protests, I would have no issue with them.  Everyone doesn't have to agree with me.  Sadly, this is not the case. Riots, fires, vandalism, gunfire, killings....these are not normal, rational people.  These people, frankly, are animals.  They are lawless, godless, animals.  They are a people who would take the lives of our citizens and drag their bodies through the streets.  They are the scum of the earth.  They are evil incarnate.

My question is this:  Where is the outrage on our side?  Why aren't the American people, and people of all faiths around the world, outraged and incensed at the atrocities that are unfolding before us?  Or, if you would prefer to take religion out of it, why aren't other foreign governments appalled at the treatment that our officials are receiving?  Our embassies are sovereign territory.  Why doesn't our government take this seriously and handle it swiftly?  Why do we continue to tip-toe around these monsters?  Why are we giving them aid?

 Oh...that's right.  Our farce of a government is busy with more important things, like banning large-sized sugary drinks in New York's public places.  I'm not even kidding; they just did.  I realize it's not an apples-to-apples comparison, but do you see my point?

I hope that our country wakes up.  In November, we must make some changes, but it needs to go further than that.  America needs to get back to the basics.  Read some history books, study our Founding Fathers, heck..even watch The Patriot!  We need realign our priorities, beginning with protecting our own, and quit worrying about the blood sugar levels of Coke lovers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Communication is Key

Tonight, I have a quick Public Service Announcement for those of you who are employers.

If you hire a (super-fabulous) new girl and she happens to begin work on...say...August 9th, as you're showing her the ins and outs of the various office machinery, you might want to spend a few minutes on the phone system.  This is especially pertinent if she is to be the main voice of your place of business.

Some functions are basic: transfers and voice mail transfers.  Some are a little more tricky:  "all calls."  She may be quite anxiously looking forward to the first time that she will need to make an all call, it may sound like a lot of fun.  She might also wish that her best friend lived across the street so that she could sneak code words into said all calls and see if her friend hears them.  But I digress.  Most basic phone functions can be picked up with minimal effort and in time, she will undoubtedly memorize all 45 extensions.

You may, however, want to take a moment and discuss the red light.  It's not blinking or doing anything annoying; it's more of a soft, continual back light.  You know, it just looks like a normal part of the phone.  So, imagine the surprise of said new girl if on...say...September 5th, you casually mention, " are checking your voice mail regularly, aren't you?" 

If this happens, be prepared for her to give you a deer-in-the-headlights look and voice a mild, yet emphatic  exclamation about not having any idea that she had her own voice mail to monitor.  She might not be aware that the pretty red light is in fact an indicator of voice mail and not just a little bit of Christmas cheer each and every day.

In closing, please remember that in between discussions about amazingly fancy copy machines and electric three-hole punchers (so cool!), you should probably mention the phone.  It'll make her feel like much less of an idiot a month later, and she won't have to spend a half hour listening through and deciphering a zillion messages.

This ends tonight's PSA; you may now carry on with your regularly scheduled evening.

Late-Night Questions

1.  Why is it that when there's a special event where you need your make-up to look perfect, it disappears?  And yet on an average, ho-hum day, it lasts forever?  Seriously, I put it on 18 hours ago...

2.  Why do the 7-Eleven people always act so put out when I ask them to stamp my Slurpee card?  I didn't ask for the card; I didn't create it.  They did, and they offered it to me.  So what's with the attitude?

3.  Why on earth did I agree to both the football boosters and the Little League presidency at the same time that I was beginning a new job?  I might be insane.

4.  What does it say about my current state of affairs that the highlight of my day was finding all of the necessary roly-polies for Matthew's lab tomorrow?  I'm not kidding, I went out this evening and found him more than a dozen.  I was much more excited than I probably needed to be.

5.  Why am I blogging all of this when I should be working or sleeping?  Oh, I know....because I miss blogging.