Friday, November 22, 2013


Not sure why we took this one, but he's pretty cute!

Grunion hunting at 1am.  Brrrr!!  

Getting the game ball is a pretty cool thing.
We had a coach who didn't believe in giving it to everyone just to make people
feel special, so receiving one actually meant something.  

John wanted to go to Knott's for his 9th birthday.

And if you want to go to Knott's, you MUST stop for dinner
at the Chicken Dinner Restaurant!

One of my all-time favorites.

I do love that face.

I like to rehearse barefoot.  It makes me most comfortable.

Visiting the Golden Gate

Someone wanted a family water fight for his 8th birthday.

Love my pirates!

Kind of a horrible picture, but so very them;
one is in a sweater and jacket, and the other is in a tank top. 

Best Joseph ever.

My favorite people at my favorite place. 

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