Friday, November 29, 2013


My friend asked for a lot of pictures...

We started off the year with a trip to Colorado.  It was the first time the boys had been in snow, so a family snowball
fight seemed in order.  No idea who took the picture since the four of us are out there.  Jaime, probably. 

"Randy lay there like a slug; it was his only defense."

Snow angles with Jenna!  Man, it was cold.

Everyone went sledding, but only three of us used a sled.

When both kids have the flu and you just got new carpeting, you throw their mattress on the tile in the entry way!

Matthew did gymnastics for about 18 months; I'm no expert but I thought he was pretty great.

I'd let him wash my car.  (It was a church fund raiser of sorts.)

My Youngling battling Darth Maul.

We had some fun in the desert thanks to our wonderful friends!

Those same friends had a boat, so we played at the river, too!

It's always a blast when family comes to town.

One should never let one's husband near the camera when one is in a bathing suit.

One of them clearly has his father's coloring while the other takes after his mom.

Doesn't everyone have a picture beside a giant artichoke?

Matthew made a friend at Magic Mountain.

Excellent form.

When you don't like cake, you get birthday cookies!


More love.

I didn't know that someone had taken this picture. 
That's my arm wrapped around Matthew as we're waiting for my grandmother's funeral to begin.

We were actually at Disneyland when we got the call that I needed to get back, my grandma wasn't going to
be with us much longer.  We flew home (seriously, I've never driven so fast in my life) and I made it to
Grandma's with about a half hour to spare.  Then she was gone.
We decided to go back to Disneyland a week later, partly to finish the day that we'd begun,
but also because I just needed to get away.  It was a good day.

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Joy said...

Oh my goodness. That picture of Matthew makes me cry too. So, so sad and sweet.

On a lighter note, John's pool flip looks like he's kicking that other little boy in the face.