Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zany Z Words

The end of the alphabet already? Wow!

Here they are, a list of my favorite Z words. They're not in any particular order until you get to the end...#10 is my absolute favorite!

1. Zippers. I hate button fly jeans.

2. Zoinks. Always a fun exclamation.

3. Zenith. Our first color TV was a Zenith...it was huge...I loved it!

4. Zwiebacks. I love them. I can't chew them, but I love them.

5. Zippo Lighters. If you're going to get a lighter, get a Zippo.

6. Zinnias. So beautiful, they make me so happy.

7. Zombies. Specifically zombie movies. AC and I have seen some real winners.

8. Ziploc Bags. They must be Ziploc, never, ever any other brand.

9. Zzyzx Road. It means you're almost to Vegas, baby!

10. "I'm Looking For The Z." Can you handle the cuteness? Think so? It'll blow your socks off. Turn up your volume and check out a video of my guys from about eight and a half years ago...

To see what my buddies are thankful for, cruise on over to Beyond Black and White.


Crayl said...

That is the age the girls still see your boys as. Yep. Cutie patooties!
Oh, nice list. And we both had Zoinks, how funny is that?

Heather said...

Sooooo cute! I especially liked the "dance" that went with the song :)

Great list!

MomOfDudes said...

That totally wins in the cuteness factor!!!

Love the zZzzzzz's

Thany said...

I want more videos of the boys. Sigh. It makes me love them even more.

Amy said...


Sooz said...

That is just too funny especially since they're big strapping ball players now! They're going to kill you for this. :-)

Coffman Crew said...

Awww, the kids and I gathered around to watch, too cute!

Mrs. Carol said...

Do your boys know you've posted this? Little kids are so cute.