Saturday, November 8, 2008

They. Could. Go. All. The. Way.

And they did!

Matt played his last baseball game of the season a few hours ago. He was on a fabulous team with the best coach ever (we've had him for years, he's usually been John's coach though). They were 9-0 going into today's game. We were a bit nervous because we were going to be missing players today, but they really stepped up and took care of business. They won 17-4, completing their perfect season.

The coaches gave everyone nicknames; I'll use them to introduce the 2008 Fall Ball Champions.

Back (L to R): Coach Pat, Coach Ross
Middle: The Rat, T-Bone, Lefty, X-Man
Front: Lu, Coast to Coast, #5, Woody, Pec, Matty (aka Cup-o-Coffee)
Missing today: E.O., The Doctor, Scraps

Here he is:
the starting shortstop,
the backup catcher,
a big hitter,
an amazing athlete,
my boy.


Sooz said...

Way to go!! How did he get Cup-O-Coffee as a nickname? Hey my coworker was telling me about this amazing 12-yr-old tournament in Cooperstown. It sounds amazing. Maybe you guys should start planning to go in a few years?

MomOfDudes said...

Oh Michelle, that is the coolest thing!!! Steve and I were discussing that of all the things we miss about our kids getting older is Little League. I loved the nicknames.

Love, Mom of the one who used to be CamMan