Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amazing A's

Thanks, Crayl, for circling around to the beginning of the alphabet again! Very fun for those of us who weren't linking up when you started!

This week, number one really is my number one. Beyond that, they're mostly random. Here they are, my favorite A words:

1. Andy. He's my world. There aren't words to describe my love for him. In Jerry Maguire, they use the phrase, "You complete me." Corny, yes; but so very appropriate. Without AC, I truly am incomplete.

2. Avocados. While I'm not a huge fan of plain avocados, they are the key ingredient to guacamole, which is the nectar of the gods. So I am very thankful for avocados.

3. Amazon. Shopping made easier.

4. Antibiotics, Advair and Albuterol. All of them are keeping me breathing at the moment, so I am quite appreciative of them.

5. Arsenic and Old Lace. One of the best old movies around...a true classic.

6. Anniversaries. AC and I have quite a few little dates that we remember throughout the year in addition to our actual wedding anniversary. It's always fun to celebrate.

7. Aerosmith. When you think of good ol' rock and roll, you have to include Aerosmith. They're awesome.

8. Apple Crisp. My mother-in-law gave me her recipe years ago and I love it so very much. Hot, cold, with ice cream, without...doesn't matter. It's the best!

9. Arse. Yes, it's a word for, well, you know; mostly used in the United Kingdom. But it really is a great word. Especially when said by the likes of Sean Connery or Ewan McGregor.

10. Agent 007. I know, I know. I'm reaching a bit with this one. However, I saw Quantum of Solace the other night and my love for Daniel Craig was rekindled. He really is the best Bond ever. EVER.


Misty said...

wonderful list!!!!

i love arsenic & old lace

Crayl said...

Best Bond ever? EVER?! Wow, that's saying something.

Thany said...

Yeah, ever.

Amy said...

super EVER