Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving, Day One

Well, Day One of our Thanksgiving celebration is drawing to a close. It was a wonderful day!

While getting everything ready that I needed to take with me today, I was sure to place a charged battery in the camera, and put the camera in my purse. You know, so that I could dazzle you with pictures of our festivities! Well, I never once took the camera out of my purse. In fact, the only picture that I took all day I took with someone else's camera! Oops.

As is tradition around our house, the Christmas lights had to go up this morning; I like to come home to the lights on after a long Thanksgiving. My parents came up bright and early, we enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate while we nibbled on some of the candy that I made last night, and then the lights went up. My dad messed with the electrical part (he always does that for us) while AC and I strung lights. Totally fun....first kid on my block with the lights up, baby!

We spent the afternoon at AC's mom and dad's house. It was a reasonably small gathering; there were only 18 people. Still, it was a lot of fun. There was plenty of delicious food, a time of sharing what we're thankful for, many laughs...I really do love AC's family.

This evening we went over to AC's aunt's house. Most of the family goes over there each year; we just usually skip it since I always have baking to do once I get home. Tonight, though, we went with them, and I'm SO glad we did!!! It was the perfect end to our day!

We got home a little after nine, and I set to work in the kitchen. Thanksgiving starts all over again tomorrow with my family. I have two pies and some cinnamon sugar "kisses" (as we call them) cooling on the table. The last two pies are in the oven. I just may make it to bed before 12:30am!

Two highlights from today that stand out in my mind as I think back on the day...

This is going to sound silly, but at Aunt Lissa's house, there were three golden retrievers. They totally made my day! I didn't realize just how much I missed having goldens (I grew up with them). They were gorgeous and well behaved and so much fun! If I could have gotten away with sneaking Lulu into the car with us and bringing her home with us, I think I would have! See, I told you it would sound silly.

Secondly...seeing how much my brother-in-law likes Spongebob seriously cracked me up. He was like a little kid! The (actual) kids were watching it on TV and Keith kept totally pausing in our conversation to pay attention to it. Keith always makes me laugh. I loved spending the day with him and Ruth!

Well, as is usually the case, I've rambled on long enough. I'll go check the pies. Then we'll sleep for a few hours, and then start it all over again!

Goodnight, folks. And Happy Thanksgiving!


Sooz said...

Um, hello! I have two perfectly lovable golden retrievers that you can come visit!!

Missy Shell said...

I know. I can't wait to play with them too. :-)

Crayl said...

I am glad day one went well, I am sure day 2 did as well. I got my first official Christmas card today.

Thany said...

What a lovely day! I am so happy for you.

ruthb said...

I'm so glad you guys came to Lissa's house, too! It is the perfect end to the day! Here's to a new tradition (I hope!)!