Friday, November 14, 2008


Double digits! I finally made it to ten years old. What a milestone!

I only have a couple of pictures for you today, and they're not very exciting. I offer my deepest apologies. I promise that next week will make up for it though! :-)

Okay, let's get to it...

Can anyone guess what grade I'm in? Yep. Fourth. Here's my mission project. I remember being totally upset about this. My parents didn't help me at all, they said that it was my project so I had to be the one to do it. I don't have a problem with that, especially now that I'm a parent. However, the kid that won a prize for "Best Mission" could totally tell that his dad did the whole thing. I was quite miffed.

While this is not a spectacular picture to the casual viewer, it is special to me. This was taken in the little town of Bisbee, Arizona. My grandma moved to Bisbee from Illinois when she was just an infant, and she lived there until she got married. My granddad moved to Bisbee when he was around junior high age. My family has tons of history there, and we would often, along with many cousins, have family reunions in the cute little town.

On the right side of the picture is the town's water tank. The little house just to the left of the tank is the house that Grandma grew up in. The town has one main street, one hotel (at the time), a red light district, everyone knew my family, it was great! Good memories in Bisbee!

This is my final offering for today. Remember my cousin, Tammy, that received the matching purple sweats with me a few years back? Well, here we are again. I dare say we look more goofy here than we did in the sweats! I don't remember exactly what we were trying to achieve here. This wasn't how we normally looked, so I'm sure that we were trying to imitate the pop stars of the day. Maybe I was going for the Madonna appears that I darkened the mole on my cheek. Don't I look great?

Something quite important happened in 1985 that unfortunately, I don't have a picture of. During the 1985 holiday season, I met AC. Little did I know then that in less than ten years, I'd be married to him!

Be sure to tune in next week for my 1986 pictures...I promise there are some good ones!


Thany said...

LOVE the off the shoulder look in Picture 2.

Totally rad!

Crayl said...

The hair with your cousin...yeah, um, pretty!:)
The coded word to get to post is "Truffins" , Is that a mix between truffles and muffins?