Friday, November 21, 2008


Greetings, Flashback Friends!

Technically it's still before midnight, so it is Friday. (Although, by the time I get my pics in and post, it may be later. Still, my buddy assured me that as long as I'm typing before midnight, it's all good...and since I was out goofing off with her tonight, I'm going to take her at her word!)

1986 was a fun year for me. When I listen to Bryan Adams singing Summer of '69, my mind takes me back to '86 and '87. They were great years; I loved them!

I have a lot of pictures, and it's really late, so I think I'll just get to it!

School pictures, don't you love them???

While I met AC in 1985, I really started hanging out with him in 1986. This is his family in the summer of '86. (He's the stud in the USA shirt.)

This is me and my best friends. I'm on the left, then Dana, Debbie (now my cousin) and Nicole. We were inseparable for quite a few years!

Um, yeah. This is what happens to Jr. High girls very late at night.

Is there really any better fun than singing into a hairspray bottle? I'm actually singing the word "hell" because Stryper's "To Hell With The Devil" had just been released. I have no idea why I remember that.

Ah, yes; these pictures. There's a whole series, we got in trouble for taking them.

This is John (AC's brother), me, Nicole and AC. The reason we're dressed alike is because in the fall of '86, we were on a Christmas Album, and we went around to local churches singing and promoting the cd. One night, we took these after a concert. I liked John, Nicole and AC were a thing. In some of them, gasp, we're even holding hands!

We took this one of AC a few weeks later at a different concert. Nicole liked AC so much that we put our allowance money together so that she could get it blown up to a 5x7. We walked to the Deans Photo kiosk down the street from her house and did it. Funny thing...she later gave it to me...I have the 5x7 in an album downstairs.

This is the album cover of our Christmas album. That's my (now) Aunt Pam and some of AC's cousins. Funny how life works...

In case any of you are doubters, here you go...proof. My name, forever tied to this project.

For those who are paying close attention, you'll note that AC's name isn't on there. He wasn't in the choir...his voice had changed and he no longer sounded childlike.

It's kind of fun to bring this out each Christmas and remember the good old days.


Sooz said...

oh the hair. I had hair just like it. What were we thinking??

MomOfDudes said...

I LOVE this post!! The 80's were such a fun time for me and seeing you and your friends brings back such happy memories.


I am sorry but I miss 80's big hair

Thany said...

This is easily my favorite FF yet.

Amy said...

I love everything about this!!

Dana said...

Thanks for the memories. What did we ever do without Aqua Net? We thought we were so cool. Remember when we could finally say "Hell" and not get in trouble for it?! I never thought back then we'd all be spread out all over the country. I miss you guys....