Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just What I Needed

I had a rough day yesterday.

I had a particularly icky orthodontist adjustment that involved new wires, new chains, new rubber bands and tooth shaping. Believe me, it was (and continues to be) no picnic! I am so tired of hurting. It's been almost three years now that I've been on this road with my mouth and it's issues and I'm weary. Frankly, I was not in a happy place yesterday afternoon.

But God is good. He knew what I needed last night.

My buddies were praying for me. I love them so very much. Without their constant encouragement and support, this journey would be unbearable.

Coincidentally (I think not!), our dear friend Curt from Monterey just happened to be in town for the evening. We all went to dinner where I was able to get some soft, squishy, cheesy lasagna down. Then after a quick stop at the grocery store for ice cream (everyone agreed, it was necessary), we spent the evening at my parents house where Curt taught my boys the fine art of Table Football.

Was I uncomfortable? Ha! That's an understatement...I'm in so much pain, even now. But God has given me a beautiful family, incredible friends and sweet memories!

I will praise Him.


Misty said...

exactlty... so perfectly said.crappy, painful moments arrive, our days and circumstances fluctuate but God remains ever loving and faithful...

hope you feel better! Mouth stuff is nightmarish.

JamieB said...

i was wondering what your facebook status meant the other day... now i know. so sorry it hurts so much! how much longer?

Coffman Crew said...

Aww, this ones wins as favorite of your latest 5! God is good...All the time!