Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Illustrated Classics

No, I'm not talking about the book series. I'm talking about when one of my favorite, classic movies coincides with everyday life and makes for a perfect illustration. Let me explain...

Today in U.S. History, the kids and I were discussing Andrew Jackson and some of the decisions that he made during his presidency. Among other things, he hated banks, and he targeted the National Bank, trying to bring it down.

It turned into a discussion on how banks work; how banks don't just have money in the vault to cover all of their accounts. I was trying to explain it clearly, and how if everyone wanted all of their money at the same time, the bank would be in trouble. And then it hit me! I had the perfect illustration sitting right there on my DVD shelf.

Please observe:

This morning, three of my favorite things collided in my living room: Christmas, movies and history! Loved it!


MomOfDudes said...

Sounds like the beginning of a Holly Jolly day!

Sooz said...

(sigh) love that movie!! See watching tv and movies IS educational! When you get to discussing the stock market, go with Trading Places.