Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring It On, Starbucks. I'm Ready.

Last year, I wrote a post (back when I was blogging on MySpace) about the amount of work that goes into receiving the perfect Gingerbread Latte. It should not be the ordeal that it is. Sadly, my struggle continues.

This year, instead of topping said latte with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg, Starbucks has decided to call it a Gingersnap Latte and top it with whipped cream and crystallized ginger flakes. (I call them ginger pebbles, because they're totally the size and shape of Fruity Pebbles.)

While I was unsure about the change, I gave it a try. The other day, when I had my first Gingersnap Latte of the season, I drank it with the ginger pebbles. You know what? Not a fan. They sink into the drink when the whipped cream melts and while they probably do enhance the ginger flavor, they don't dissolve, so when you get to the bottom you have chunks that fit through the hole in the lid. And seriously, who wants chunks in their mouth when they're drinking coffee?

So, I've now had to add another instruction to my drink order.

I would like a Nonfat, Extra-hot, Gingersnap Latte with whipped cream, no ginger sprinkles, add nutmeg.

What a mouthful.

I ran into another problem last year after the latte post. Several of my local Starbucks stores ran out of nutmeg. And not for a day or anything, for like, several weeks. I asked about it and was told that the supplier ran out. I'm thinking, what the heck? Go to Vons! Buy nutmeg! But apparently, they can't do that.

SO, in an effort to avoid any further problems with my Gingerbread Lattes in the future (that's right...I said "bread", not "snap") I have solved the supplier-running-out-of-nutmeg problem.

On Monday, while at Vons, I purchased the following:

Yes, folks. My very own, purse-sized container of nutmeg. I will never again be subjected to an incomplete Gingerbread latte.

My family's thoughts on this matter:

AC: While he's not thrilled with the cost of my continual visits to Starbucks, I think my determination and creativity have impressed him.

John: If I go, it means there's a chance that he'll get a frappuccino, so he's all for it.

Matthew: "Mom, you're obsessed."

I think Matt's probably right.


Thany said...

Oh I love it. You are so

Amy said...

Yah, they jacked with the peppermint mocha too.. darn them

MomOfDudes said...

I added extra pumps of pumpkin spice and I was enjoyed the drink much more.

Heres to the perfect drink my friend.

Sooz said...

There is no point in having a GingerBREAD latte if it isn't right. I'm with you! Nutmeg and all. :-)

Coffman Crew said...

You are completely obsessed girl! You do know that Costco has Starbucks gift cards, 5 $20 cards for $79.99, right? You might want to stock up...

JamieB said...

i had one of 'those' latte's last week. and when i got to the bottom of the drink, all of those chunks came pouring out and i about SPIT it out! but we were at church... i had a bad experience with floaties in hot chocolate once and those floaties were of the meal worm variety. yeah. so i am with you on the 'no ginger crystal crap on top'...