Friday, November 30, 2012

The End

You know, it's funny...earlier today I though to myself, "It's Friday and we don't have to go to a football game."  It was kind of a nice thought.  So now, at 10pm, what am I doing?  Watching the Division 1 (football) finals on TV.  Old habits die hard.

As we wrap up another NaBloPoMo season, I have a couple of random thoughts to share with you.

First, I learned something about myself this week:  when listening to Christmas music on my iPod, I can't set it to shuffle.  Normally, I do select shuffle for my playlists.  Granted, it can be a little weird going from Shipoopi to the Imperial March, but generally speaking it doesn't bother me.  Not so when it comes to Christmas music.  It really, really bugs me.  Apparently, I must listen to whole albums.

Secondly, I learned that if we had the money and the room, I could totally be a Prepper.  Have you watched Doomsday Preppers????  We had never watched it before, it's not the type of show that floats our boat.  However, Andy recorded it on a whim a week or two ago and we just got around to watching it this evening.  While most of the people are country hicks and generally ridiculous, there is something to be said for being prepared.  As Andy laughed at me, I started thinking about our water and food supply, acquiring some weapons and coming up with a bug-out plan.  Perhaps I'm a little bit of a nut after all.

Finally, I must admit that I'm a little bit freaked out about tomorrow.  It's my work Christmas party!  I don't know why I'm nervous about it.  Maybe I'm worried that people won't really talk to me; after all, I'm still the newbie and while I get along great with my office buddies, I don't often interact with the teachers.  Maybe I'm worried that Andy won't like my co-workers; not likely...Andy likes most people.  For some strange reason, I'm just a bundle of nerves.  Oh well.  The good news is that twenty-four hours from now, it'll be over. 

So, with that last bit of randomness, I thank you all for joining me for yet another year of blogging.  With all that I've got going on right now, it's been much more of a challenge this year.  It's been fun though, and I appreciate the time that you've taken to read my thoughts each day.

I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas! 

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