Sunday, November 18, 2012


Oh man, is it 10pm already?  Man, the day flew by!

A cool thing happened today, though - I got homesick.  No, not for my home; for my church.

Today, we had occasion to attend our old church.  Actually, it's our old, old church - two churches ago.  There were a few highlights:  we celebrated a special little lady, we saw some old friends, I got to sit with (and goof off with) my brother, and I got to hear my dad play the piano.  All fabulous things.

But as we drove home, the mister and I both shared how we really, truly missed being at our church.   We began attending a new church early this year and we plugged in right away.  We are part of an amazing small group, our worship and pastoral staff are phenomenal, and the kids are totally plugged in.  In our entire married life, neither one of us has ever felt so at home so quickly.  

So today was a blessing on several counts.  We got to celebrate a precious little life and have all of the fun that went along with it, but we also received affirmation that we are indeed exactly where we are supposed to be.  We missed our home, and that's a very good thing.  

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Thany said...

I like this. :)

And I know that you know how much it meant to me that you came today. Thank you.