Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

To be honest, today has been a rough day.  Stress and discouragement have me in a seemingly continual loop right now.   In an effort to take my own advice, I decided to write a Ten on Tuesday list of things that made me smile today.  Because really, smiley things are there all the time, one just has to keep one's eyes open.  So, in no particular order....

1.  Pie.  Specifically, my homemade apple pie.  I ate the last piece for breakfast today; so delicious!

2.  Returns.  I'm thankful that we can return unused items if we think better of them/don't need them.  It's nice to get the money back.

3.  My sons.  It's a no-brainer; they make me smile every day.

4.  The Weather.  It was 60 degrees and very cloudy when I left work today.  It was wonderful.

5.  My job.  Speaking of work, my job is something to smile about.  Even on stressful days, I'm thankful that the Lord provided it for me (us).  And the people there always make me smile.

6.  Dessert Wines.  I'm about to crack one open; always a delight.

7.  Decorated Netflix Movies.  Seriously, they've decorated the sleeves with images of Christmas lights.  I love it!

8.  People Who Are Giving.  There's a sign near my work that says, "Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, 6-8pm, December 10th - 23rd."  That's a lot of time that those people are volunteering to make some little kids happy.  Lovely to see.

9.  Jeopardy.  I do like it and tonight they have some categories that I'm actually doing well with!

10.  Sweet Little Girls.  Okay, best day at work so far!  I had to hike to one of our farthest classrooms today to take care of something, and on the way back, a sweet little girl named Isabella yelled, "Miss Michelle!" and she ran over to me and hugged me.  Made. My. Day.

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