Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Driving My Parents Nuts

"I'll have our lists to you by the weekend!"

Unfortunately, I've said those words to my folks multiple times over the last three weeks or so.  I don't think they believe me anymore.

The lists that I'm referring to, obviously, are our Christmas lists.  Each year, the four of us come up with a Christmas list and we give it to my folks; mom and dad, in return, give us lists for each of them.  This year, while they have already provided us with fabulous lists, I've got nothing to give them.

I'm not trying to be difficult, really I'm not.  Nor is it a case of me not wanting any Christmas gifts; of course I do...receiving gifts is fun.  It's just that I can't really think of anything to put on my list this year.  There's nothing that I desperately need and several things that I want are too expensive.  I'm just out of practical ideas.  Andy and the boys aren't doing any better.  Andy's got one thing on his list, John has two, and Matthew wins with four items.

We're such a gift-giving family that this is hard!  We LOVE to give gifts to each other!  I miss the days when the boys were little and wanted a million little action figures or toy cars or something.  That was awesome!  You could spend $30 and have a ton of little things to wrap.

Sigh.  With the tree now up, I feel so much pressure!  Perhaps tonight, miracle of miracles, we'll all be struck with amazing ideas while we sleep!  It never hurts to hope. 

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