Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Son Is...

Many words and phrases describe my eldest son.




A True Teammate

The Oscar to Matthew's Felix



I could go on and on; those are just a few.  Today I can add to that list.

College Applicant

It is with tremendous pride, and a little piece of my heart breaking, that we dip our toes into the next chapter of John's life.  I don't have any idea what will come next.  I am praying for a financial miracle that will allow him to go to a university.  However, if the Lord's plan is that he stays home and attends Palomar for a while, we will rejoice that he will get through a few years without accumulating any debt.  I am trying, although it is quite against my nature, to let go of the stress and release John and his path to Christ.

No matter how it ends, today we took a not-so-baby-step forward.  

I don't feel remotely ready for my baby to grow up,
but I am so overwhelmingly proud of him and excited to see what his future holds.  

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