Friday, November 16, 2012


John and Granddad are playing a duet at John's piano recital.

Matthew finally gets to play t-ball!
It was fun having them both on the same team.

Sigh.  To be thin again.

Having fun in the pool at Grandma's house!

I adore that face!

They made this "target" at Grandma's house and
practiced pitching by throwing water balloons at it.

All dressed up for his Kindergarten Graduation;
scraped forehead and all.

My Happy Campers

Someone's feet got tired while cruising
Cannery Row!

Yes, the beach again...the things we do in Monterey.

I love jammies!

I've always been a sucker for nachos...
and for that pirate behind me.

Playing with your cousin is very serious business.

Matthew got his turn for a duet at the Christmas recital!

Merry Christmas!
Thankfully, Santa comes even if you
didn't listen to you mother, you got hurt,
and you have stitches in your chin.

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