Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Very Very Very End

In order for a new chapter to begin, the current chapter must close.

Last night, John took the field for the last time. 

At the close of the game, we joined him on the field and snapped a few pictures as he and his teammates embraced one another and said goodbye to their coaches.  Four years of sweat, blood and brotherhood..complete.  With tears in my eyes, I was enveloped into a bear hug by my eldest son.  I am so proud of the player that he has been; I am equally proud of the man that he is becoming.

It's bittersweet, really.  On one hand, we no longer have practices and crazy schedules to contend with; no more daily risk of injury.  On the other hand, it's heart-wrenching to realize that the children-playing-sports phase of our lives is over; it's time to hang up the pom-poms and retire the stadium seats.

As we walked away last night, with a very heavy heart, I took one last look at the field.  
Then the lights went out.

The finality was almost too much to bear.

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