Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taking The Easy Way Out

Tonight at home group, we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Our fabulous hostess made turkey and wild casserole, green beans, corn, apple/fluff salad, rolls and cranberry sauce.  It was all quite delicious.

While it wasn't a potluck, I told her that I would bring the pumpkin pie.  Months ago, when the dessert sign up sheet was passed around (yes, we eat dessert every week at group), I volunteered for tonight.  It's our last meeting of the session, so I thought I'd make Ding Dong Cake (I can explain that another day).  Once she decided to do a Thanksgiving-ish meal, pie seemed more appropriate.

Dutifully, I brought three pumpkin pies and three large canisters of whipped cream.  Here's the problem.  I cheated.  I bought them at Costco.  It's been a long work week and I didn't know if I'd have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, so I decided that for $5.99 each, I would let Costco do the work.
Ugh.  It's just not the same. Granted, it's fine.  It's passable.  But it's really not the same.  Homemade kicks Costco's butt.

Therefore, I am now officially ready for Thanksgiving.  Until now, I've been in denial that we're this close to the holidays.  You know, if I don't acknowledge it, it won't matter that I'm so far behind.  But having a pseudo Thanksgiving meal and mediocre pumpkin pie, I must say that I'm ready.  I need real, homemade dessert.  I'm eagerly anticipating my sister-in-law's pie (and hopefully her amazing chocolate chip cookies!) next Thursday, and then I plan to spend Thursday night making pies for our second Thanksgiving next Friday.

Seriously...I can't wait.

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