Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I've been sitting here working at the computer all day so I've had Pandora on. My absolute favorite play list is my Bon Jovi play list. The reason being, well, Bon Jovi is hands down my all-time favorite band. So today you get a list of my top thirteen Bon Jovi songs. Sorry, limiting it to ten wasn't possible. Some of them you'll recognize; greatest hits become so for a reason. One or two may surprise you...

(listed not in order of ranking, but chronologically as they were released)

1. Wanted Dead or Alive. The quintessential Bon Jovi song; the one that everybody knows. It's a classic. I get to hear it all the time as it's one of Matt's favorite songs to play on the guitar. There's also a hysterical SNL sketch that refers to this song (and song #4).

2. Bad Medicine. This one was my favorite in high school and it's still near the top of the list. It's also the best song in concert.

3. I'll Be There For You. The first big ballad that I fell in love with. My favorite. Ever. Snuggling with my mister during the concert and singing it to him...priceless.

4. Blaze of Glory. Bon Jovi and Young Guns (II) combined? Nice.

5. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Pure fun.

6. Bed of Roses. I was newly married when I first got into this song, so it brings back lots of good memories.

7. Always. Another fabulous ballad. Jon and Richie really do turn out some good ones.

8. It's My Life. Love this...reminds me to live life on my terms, not someone else's.

9. Have a Nice Day. This one, like the previous song, also is a reminder to live my own life. If you listen to the lyrics, it's not actually wishing anyone a truly nice day. I love it. This has been my ring tone on more than one occasion.

10. Who Says You Can't Go Home. I love that he (they) put out some country-ish stuff. Makes me think of my roots.

11. Make a Memory. Simply beautiful. I've made a memory or two to this song. Enough said.

12. When We Were Beautiful. As a grown-up, I love the perspective of this song.

13. We Weren't Born to Follow. A great anthem. We first heard this at Qualcomm Stadium and the kids were as excited as I was to learn that a new album was coming out. Good times!

I thoroughly enjoyed reliving all of these songs; music is so unbelievably powerful. Music moves me much more deeply than the spoken word, or anything really. I can't imagine life without it.

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Sooz said...

I especially dig "Lost Highway". Bon Jovi is one of those bands that gets better instead of old. :-)