Friday, November 18, 2011


I sure do love Flashback Fridays.

It's John's 4th birthday.
Clearly Matt thinks that he should be helping with the presents.

John had a party with his friends at McDonald's.
Looks like his helper is still with him!

We visited the flower fields in Carlsbad with my mom and my grandma.

I love this one!

Sigh. It was a good day.

Jammie time!

John's first baseball game. Go Padres!

John's first time on stage!
If I recall correctly, the VBS kids were singing some of their songs.

Pool Party!

"Life is like a box of chocolates..." At Bubba Gumps in Monterey.

Summer fun!
The two hats used to belong to my granddad;
my dad keeps them hanging in the garage
and the boys asked if they could wear them.

Someone wanted to go to Chevy's and get his own sombrero for his birthday.
When it came time to actually receive the sombrero,
he decided that the singing was way too loud
and that he didn't really want everyone looking at him.

He spent there rest of the evening sitting with my mom.
Someone had to wear the hat.

Back at Nate's!
Look at our arms in the top picture...
that's what happens when you let the kids
be in charge of the stamps in the straw maze.

The fireman and Thomas the Tank Engine are ready to Trick or Treat!

Merry Christmas!


Thany said...

YES! I love the Metric butt load!!

Crayl said...

The cuteness of your boys is simply killing me...