Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today, I submit the Top 10 Signs (as if you needed any) That the Holidays Are Here!

1. Fires in fireplaces. I love opening the windows at night and smelling all of the fires that people in the neighborhood have going. I get to enjoy it without the mess of having my own fireplace.

2. Ringy, Ringy. The Salvation Army people are out with their red buckets and little bells.

3. Lights are up. Not my lights, mine will go up on Thursday as per tradition; but there is a house a few blocks over that has their lights up. I really do love Christmas lights.

4. Time is passing too quickly. I think I spend all year impatiently waiting for the holidays to arrive, and then they fly buy. I wish the season was longer.

5. Slippers. No longer do I walk around the house barefoot; the tile is just way too cold. I always have my slippers on.

6. Auto Repairs. This may sound silly, but as I was sitting at the Toyota dealer today having my Sequoia worked on, I realized that every year around the holidays I have to have some work done. It's like it knows and is trying to annoy me.

7. Candy Stripes. All of the light poles at the shopping center are covered with candy cane stripes. It makes me happy.

8. Crowded aisles. I'm not talking about people at the grocery store; I'm talking about walking though the aisles at a department store. You can't! This time of year, they fill the aisles with knickknacks, wallets, table-top Foosball games...all kinds of stuff. I really don't like the clutter.

9. Baking Goods. Not baked goods; baking goods. I just spent well over $100 at Vons for ingredients to make candies, cookies, and pies. I don't know what I'm going to cook for dinner tonight, but I'll be armed with all of the appropriate sweets on Thursday and Friday!

10. Kid Noise. Currently, my kids are downstairs, in the middle of the day, playing Guitar Hero. Back when I home schooled both of them and they could play Guitar Hero every day, I got quite tired of listening to it. Now, I cherish it. So thankful that they're home for a week!


ruthbrooks said...

And your candy is one thing we look forward to all year! Forget the pies, I want peppermint bark and fudge! Kali said to me the other day, "Do you think we could try Michelle's recipe again? Yours is just not as creamy." You are the candy making bomb!!

Barbara said...