Monday, November 28, 2011


I have tried very hard not to blog too much about my kids this year; while I love them to death, I really don't want to be a "mommy blogger." I think I've done a pretty good job. I gave a shout out to each of them at the end of their respective seasons, and I really thought that would be it for the rest of the month. However, something happened tonight that I felt must be mentioned. We spend the evening at Matt's football banquet.
Several things struck me as blog worthy....

1. The defense this year was outstanding. Matt was a starting defensive lineman all year, and I knew that they had done quite well. Tonight I heard the numbers. They allowed 224 passing yards on the season and they allowed -129 rushing yards. Yes, that's a "negative". That means that the net yards allowed on the season was 95. That's an average of 9.5 yards per game. That's phenomenal. It's practically unheard of in high school, at any level.
Matt was part of something great.

2. My kid is really smart. Matt was one of three players to win the Einstein Award. It is given to players who maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the season. Totally awesome.

3. I'm going to call him Rudy for a while. Tonight, much to my surprise and delight, Matt was given the 2011 Nighthawk Award. It is the freshman equivalent to the Rudy Award, which John won last year as a JV player. This is the award that is the all-around award. They take in to account all aspects of the player: play on the field, work ethic at practice/off the field, academics, character, leadership, the whole nine yards.
It's really quite an honor.
We are so proud of Matthew!

Man, I love him. Well done, son.


Thany said...

He looks incredibly grown up in that picture.

Allison said...

That's awesome Matthew! I had to comment, because I am so totally a "mommy blogger" LOL.