Monday, November 21, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered...Or Not

As I was making dinner tonight, I had to chuckle...

Both of the boys had their annual physicals today. Matt went in this morning; John went in late this afternoon. Both of them can see and hear; neither one of them cried when they got a shot.

We had to answer all of the typical questions: Do they watch too much TV? Are they getting enough exercise? How are they doing in school? Do they sleep well? You know, pretty standard. Having been a mom for over fifteen years now, I was ready for all of the questions. For the most part, everything was answered to the doctor's satisfaction.

Everything but one: Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables? Yeah, we always stink at that one. I don't really like fruits and vegetables, so I'm terrible at serving them. They eat bananas every now and again; perhaps the occasional applesauce cup. As for veggies...we eat corn a lot. That's about the extent of it. As always, I said that I'd try to do better; that I'd cook healthier, more balanced meals.

So why did I chuckle while I was fixing dinner? Because I was making mashed potatoes. Good mashed potatoes. With cream and butter. Lots of butter. And what is the best thing to have with mashed potatoes? Fried chicken and gravy, of course!

Sorry, Doc. What can I say? My grandma taught me to cook...and tonight's dinner was delicious!

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Sooz said...

potatoes are a vegetable, right?