Friday, November 25, 2011


John fell asleep like this quite often; he loved to read!

Crazy Hair Day at Preschool

Matt getting to hold his newest cousin, Gabe.
Big sister, Kali, is going to make sure that he does it right!

This is the first time that they performed together at church.

Hooray! No training wheels!

John wanted to go and get his own sombrero for his fifth birthday.
I promise you, that is Matt's happy grimace.
Apparently it's okay to wear someone else's sombrero...

Bumper Cars are the best!

John's first camping trip!
My Dad taught him how to fish.

Story time! That was their "reading corner" at my Mom and Dad's house.
They sat there for hours!


The little pool and the big pool.

New trains for Matt's fourth birthday!

John was ready to conquer his first day of Kindergarten...

...Matt didn't want to let him go.

Showing his work to Grandma at his preschool Open House.

Hooray! Coffmans!
This is most of the gang (sans grandkids) at my brother-in-law's wedding.
Only my sister- and brother-in-law who live in Germany weren't there.
(Ignore the date stamp on the photo, it's a bit off. )
I married into one fantastic family! Love these people!
If you took picture of all of us now, you'd have to add in said Germans, one more brother-in-law, and twenty-one grandchildren! We're quite a group!

Baking soda submarines!

My cowboy and Buzz Lightyear.


Merry Christmas!

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Joy said...

I love the one of Matt hugging John! They remind me of my girls (no offense boys:) because of the similar age gap.