Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Final Word

Wow...November is almost over! One final post and I'll be done blogging! Whew!

As I was playing Farkle with Andy tonight, I was trying to think about what to write today.

One idea was to write about pepper and how none of use it. I used a pinch of it tonight, that's what brought it to mind. Really though, I only cook with it on the bluest of moons. I buy a new container of it every now and then because I feel like I should, but I'm certain that in almost seventeen years of marriage, we haven't used the accumulated total of one container. We're just not black pepper people.

Another thought was to write about how The Fellowship of the Ring is my favorite LOTR movie. The Two Towers was on tonight and it really is a fairly close second; I do like the Battle of Helm's Deep. Helm's? Or Helms? Is Helm a person who has a deep? Or is the deep made of Helms? Don't know, never read the book. At any rate, nothing compares to Fellowship.

I considered writing about the Rock 'n' Roll Head Bob. You've seen it, I'm sure you have. Andy had his iPod on shuffle for a while this evening and Sad But True (Metallica) came on. I looked up and realized that Andy, Matt, and I were all bobbing. Not head banging, but bobbing. It was kind of funny. Love Metallica's sound.

I could have written about any number of things, but instead I think I'll offer a simple thank you. You, my few but faithful readers, have followed, commented, and supported me as I made my 2011 NaBloPoMo journey. While I'm not the best of writers, I do look forward to the challenge each year and I thoroughly enjoy trying to be creative.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for hanging with me. You're the best!


Crayl said...

Could you please keep posting photos on some Fridays? They really make me happy. Also, an occasional bragging on your amazing boys isn't so bad. I do enjoy you opinion ramblings as well.

Keep writing M!

Thany said...

I am so proud of you doing this every year-stepping out of your comfort zone and into the realm of "putting yourself out there." I really love reading your writing.

Sooz said...

you made it! Way to go and Happy December!

Barbara said...

You have real talent, Michelle and usually make me laugh! Thanks for the memories! I loved all the pictures too! Love you oodles!