Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

For today's Ten on Tuesday, I have decided to post some quirky facts about myself. After reviewing the list, I'm afraid that you'll think I'm certifiable. Oh well, it's me. In no particular order, I present this week's list:

1. I don't like birds with my snowmen. At this time of year, this always rears it's head. I like snowman decorations and whatnot, but if there's a bird with the snowman I won't even consider it.

2. I really dig the low note at the end of "I'm Not That Girl." (Wicked) I often sing the last line just for the fun of that low note.

3. I'm quite picky about what I eat with my fingers. Burgers, dogs and fries? I'll pick those up. Clearly I'll pick up chips. But bread sticks, pizza, burritos...I cut them and use a fork.

4. Speaking of food; I always look at menus online before I go to a new restaurant. I hate going into a restaurant "blind" and not knowing what they have. I almost always decide beforehand.

5. I don't like to smell people. If someone is about to walk (closely) past me, I always hold my breath.

6. I can't floss without looking in the mirror. Well, technically I probably could, but I don't. I always stand in front of the mirror and do it.

7. Many of you know this; I hate to get wet. Getting into the shower every day is quite an unpleasant chore. I'm a total nut about being clean, so I do shower daily, sometime twice. But I never really enjoy the process.

8. I'm totally into Pik-Nik Shoestring Potatoes. They taste like In-n-Out fries. One of these days I'm going to bring some spread home and put it on the shoestrings.

9. I'm still not use to this whole "my kids are growing up" thing. I'm about to take one to his friend's house for the day and then I'll drop the other one off at the theater with his buddies. You'd think that I'd be excited to have a few hours to myself. Nope. I stress and I worry and I totally don't enjoy my time. Insane, I know.

And finally, the one that makes my youngest shake his head at me...

10. I don't wear hats. Not because I want the sun in my face, but because if I wear a hat, I get (wait for it....) claustrophobic. There's something about looking up and seeing a hat that totally freaks me out. It might as well be a ceiling, and then it's the Sears Tower all over again!

And there you have it; proof that I'm a total nut case.


Sooz said...

Fascinating! I love the low note too.

Amy said...

I so get you!! Can't wear hats, scarves, things that touch my face. Had to wear a wig once, had nightmares for a week (seriously)

I have so many weird things about me.. glad to know someone else does too. :)

Thany said...

you are crazy, but I'll still keep ya.

PS: I am the one who made Amy wear the wig.