Saturday, November 20, 2010

Appropriate Attire

This morning at the gas station, I overheard the guy at the next pump say to his kids as they got out of the car, "You can probably finish that (book) by the time we get to Disneyland."

Being the nosy person that I am, I tried to get a look at the family that was about to spend their day at the Happiest (Merriest) Place on Earth. There was nothing about the kids that stood out but the dad clearly wasn't dressed for Disneyland. He had on a button up shirt, casual slacks and loafers. It made me wonder...was he planning on going dressed like that? I assumed so; it wouldn't make sense to go back home and change (it was 7am). And he did say "we" which clearly implied that he was going. I just couldn't imagine him dressing like that for a day at the Magic Kingdom.

Or could I? The more I thought about it, I realized it that over the years I've been continually perplexed at the things that people wear for their day of amusement. Dresses, heels, full on hair and make-up done, slacks, Uggs (I'd never wear mine there, don't want them to get dirty!), flip-flops (no support!); I've seen it all.

It always makes me shake my head. When I'm planning to spend a day with Mickey, I always think much more practically; the comfiest jeans, good sneakers, hair up in a pony tail and no make up. Face it, even if I did spend a lot of time getting ready, I'd be all disheveled by lunchtime anyway.

What about you? Do you dress up? Are you casual? Somewhere in-between? Maybe I'm in the minority and I should take getting ready for Disneyland a little more seriously. Something for me to think about when AC takes me in a few weeks (hint, hint, babe!).


Thany said...

I like a good blend of practicality but also I think of how I will look in pictures we take there so I wear a color that I look good in and often a super cute hat.

Sooz said...

comfy walking shoes for sure, jeans, maybe a sweatshirt. :-)

Cyn said...

generally tshirt, jeans and converse. since we live so close if we were just to be going for a couple hours i may wear flip flops. never ever do i have my hair "done" i am usually a wash and go kinda gal. unless it was a special occasion there would be no makeup. and no way no how would i ever wear heels there which i see every. single. time!