Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey there! It's Flashback Friday time!

Last year I posted some pictures from 1995. I pretty much said what needed to be said about '95, so I thought I'd skip ahead to 1996.

One would think that after having such a life-changing event (getting married), we'd take it easy for a few years. And if you thought that - you'd be wrong. Being the crazy kids that we were, we decided that we didn't want to wait to start a family. In 1996, just six weeks after I turned 21, I became a mama.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures; they're old and I don't want to spend forever editing. I also apologize (only slightly) for number of pictures. should consider yourself lucky that I stopped at a dozen!

And away we go....

April 11, 1996, time to get the party started.

I've always loved this picture.
It's as if they're saying, "Ok, we're ready. Move this thing along, will ya?"

After a very long couple of hours, John arrived. Love that little bundle!


There were a lot of "firsts" in '96. We'll begin with his first vacation. We went to a little town in Arizona where my grandparents grew up. Andy treated that stroller like an off-road stroller, running up and down the mountain. It never steered quite right after that.

My men.

First trip to Disneyland. Clearly he's overwhelmed.

First Aztec game.

First Halloween.

Developing his love of news. I'm not kidding; now he watches Fox News every day before he goes to school and he listens to KFI on the radio while he does his homework every night!

First Christmas!

An offensive lineman in the making? I think so.


Thany said...

Oh I am still in love with that face!!

ruthbrooks said...

Man, what a cutie!! What great memories! There's nothing like a first baby, and DANG, you were young!!! I forgot how early you guys started! Thanks for sharing! (In my opinion, you can NEVER post too many photos, BTW!)

Sooz said...

ohhh, what a cutie! It's so funny when babies are that little you wonder...what will he look like when he's older? He looks just like that! Love the pics!

Cyn said...

wow, love all the photos!