Friday, November 19, 2010


Today's flashback finds us in 1997. (I assume that you gathered that from the title of the post.) The year started out quite exciting. On January 1, 1997, I found myself the happy wife of one Mr. Coffman and the proud mama to an adorable, almost nine month old John. I also found myself pregnant. Turns out, I hadn't had the flu all through November and December of '96; go figure. It all seemed to click on New Year's morning. I drove around and finally found a place that was open, I bought and test and voila...our lives were about to get a little more interesting.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I couldn't narrow them down so you get a lot. I have a feeling that Fridays are going to be like that for a while...

John received this playhouse as a Christmas gift; it was his favorite!

He also really liked his little scooter. We pushed him all over in that thing.

In February, I turned twenty-two. Lovely maternity blouse...

How can you not love this?!?

Learning to walk...

My mister and I were both in our friends' wedding. Thankfully, there was enough material to turn my bridesmaid dress into a maternity version.
I came close to having to wear a tablecloth.
But that's another story.

In April, John turned one. He had to take a milk break after all that cake!

More cuteness!

Playing in the dirt at Grandma's house... it doesn't get much better!

Fish Lips!

My buddy threw a baby shower for me.

Almost time...

This was taken at 5:15am on August 3rd.
I was in labor and we were stopping at my mom and dad's house
to drop John off on the way to the hospital.
I had no idea that in less than an hour, it'd all be over.

A contraction...probably time to stop taking pictures and hit the road.

At 6:10am, Matthew arrived. I can't get over the sweetness!
Look at that face!!!

Guy time.

Melts my heart...

John's crooked hair cut doesn't bother me, nor do Matt's pants that aren't pulled down. What has always irritated me about this picture is how unhappy Santa appears to be. Would it have killed him to smile?

First night in a big boy bed!

This has always been one of my favorite pictures.
Welcome to our world, Matt. You completed our family.


ruthbrooks said...

Wow, was he ever adorable!! Those were my days of being in a fog, and I feel like I missed a lot! What a cute family!

Missy Shell said...

Oh yeah, was totally a foggy time. That's what happens when we have kids so close together, I guess. I'm having so much fun looking through the old pictures now that the fog is gone! :-)

Sooz said...

ohhhh, such great pictures. It cracks me up how much the same they look today. Also, wow, I was skinny then. Glory days! :-)

Cyn said...

Beautiful! Keep those photos coming. :)

Thany said...

Love love love!! Each picture I sighed or "awwww'd."
Don't EVER tyhink about editing the number of pictures you post! I want MORE!!!

Coffman Tribe said...

Aw, I made it in the blog! Where does the time go????