Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, Football Style

While John's football season is over (boo!) the NFL and NCAA are still going strong. With that in mind, I bring you a list of ten random thoughts that I had while at the last Aztec game. Enjoy!

1. I'm afraid that I'm part hillbilly. I kind of like it when (at each game) they play Cotton Eye Joe.

2. Hard core football fans are cool. At the last game, they introduced a guy that had been to over 700 consecutive Aztec games. Not home games, consecutive games. That means that he's gone to every game, home or away, for almost 60 years. Quite impressive. Way to go, old dude.

3. Dibs and sunflower seeds are an odd mix. The same guy was selling both. Seems like the Dibs would be better paired with the other frozen items and the seeds should be with the peanuts and Cracker Jack. On my watch, they'd never be sold together.

4. I love audience participation. Since the Aztecs are actually doing well this year, there are more people in the seats and they're willing to have some fun. Whenever we get a first down, the announcer says, "And that's good for an Aztec..." and we all shout, "FIRST DOWN!" I think it's terribly fun; my kids were rolling their eyes at me.

5. The new mascot is stupid. This season they brought out a new, supplemental mascot: Zuma the Jaguar. He's ridiculous. Plush mascots are just silly (sorry, Sooz). Monty Montezuma was the best, the Aztec Warrior is fine. We don't need a stuffed animal.

6. Timing is everything. That being said, I think they're missing something when they do the Play of the Game in the middle of the third quarter. What about everything that happens in the last 15+ minutes of the game? Apparently it doesn't matter.

7. I walked right into the ladies' bathroom, but there were about 30 dudes in line for the men's room. Seemed weird.

8. There's never a bad time to quite 300. Whenever we've got a big defensive stand coming up, they play, "This is where we hold them! This is where we fight!" It's technically not complete without, "This is where they die!" I guess it's okay though, being a college game and all.

9. They should have a few sections marked off as a "No (Little) Kids Zone." I pay for my seats, I want to watch the game. I don't want an annoying toddler behind me who is going to scream all the time and spend the whole game kicking my seat. I'm just sayin'...

10. Streakers are awesome. I don't want my husband to do it, nor my kids. But face it, they're a lot of fun. We had two (not full nudity) at the last game and it was a hoot.

And that, my friends, is my Ten on Tuesday.


Amy said...

Kinda the best thing I've ever read...

You are awesome and I concur in general

Sooz said...

ohhh, but the Duck is cool! The only mascot licensed by Disney, AND he does 1 push up per point every time they score1