Friday, October 3, 2008


Greetings, Friday Friends!

Today we find ourselves in 1979. As was the case with "last year", 1979 was pretty busy. I suppose the number of pictures will dwindle in the weeks to come as I start school. From the looks of things, I enjoyed 1979 quite a bit; I hope you do as well.

I know that this was taken at a wedding, but I don't recall who the happy couple were. Frankly, I just love this picture of me and my dad.

It's during the brief period when he sported a beard. As the story goes, when I was little I was totally scared of people with beards. He grew one so that I would get over that fear. It must have worked; I'm not scared of men with beards any longer. :-)

The other funny thing about this picture is that I totally remind myself of my niece, who is actually AC's niece, so it's not like we share genes! Can you see who I'm talking about, Ruth?

What journey through time is complete without zoo pictures? Some of you are aware of how much I hate the zoo now, but I assure you that as I child, I loved it. Remember when you could hold the baby chicks? Always my favorite part!!!

I would now like to introduce you to Little Gary. (His dad, obviously, was Big Gary.) They lived across the street from us. Our families did quite a bit together; our moms were in a bowling league together and our dads fished together. I hung out with Little Gary and his older sister almost every day. I was absolutely convinced that when I grew up I was going to "marry Little Gary and live in my room (at home) and he could sleep out in the living room on the couch."

Unfortunately, they moved away just one year after this picture was taken and I never saw him again. What a break for AC; had they not moved, I surely would have grown up to be Mrs. Little Gary.

Finally, we arrive at my favorite time of year; Christmas.

Proof that if you write Santa a heartfelt letter and ask for it....

...and then you wait patiently for it...

...he won't let you down on Christmas morning!

Santa Rocks.

Thanks for joining me on my whirlwind tour of 1979! See you next week!


ruthb said...

Yes, I totally thought "Wow, she looks like Mia" before I read your comments below! How cute! And your dad looks great with a beard, too!

MomOfDudes said...

That Ragedy Ann Kitchen looked like it ROCKED!!! Those pics are precious.
I was busy in 1979 graduating from High School.

Red Riding Hood said...

Loved the journey! Thank you.