Friday, October 17, 2008


Hi, folks. I don't have much to offer today; things have been crazy (but fun) with AC's family for over a week now. We've had a beautiful wedding, and now we're camped out by the pool in lovely (HOT) Palm Springs.

So, while I know it isn't much, I hope you appreciate my feeble offerings from 1981.

Okay, I mentioned last week that today you'd see me going on "one of my favorite outings". Can anyone tell where this picture was taken? Ahoy, mate! I'm in Captain Kidd's World, at Sea World, of course! We had annual passes when I was a kid and we went all the time. The whales and dolphins and such were fine, but I especially looked forward to our after lunch play time. Remember that monkey bar thing where you'd fall into water if you slipped off? Yeah, I "slipped" quite a bit!

Aside from Captain Kidd's World, what could make Sea World more fun? The snow! Each winter, for a period of time, they would have a whole area with snow and you could slide down hills on little sleds, throw snowballs, make snow angels, all kinds of stuff! For a girl from southern California, snow days were some pretty big fun.

So that trip into the wild that I was telling you about? Here it is. I went camping with my neighbors in the fall of 1981 and we did some horseback riding. I look mighty fine in my bikini, don't I? Man. Words fail me. I think I'll just let you study the picture and take in all of it's beauty. :-)

Have a great week, my friends. See you in 1982!

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