Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Uniquely U

Here you are, my friends: the top ten U things that I'm thankful for.

1. Uno. The classic card game.

2. Uruk-hai. This one is a bit of a stretch, but they really are up there with the top bad guys ever.

3. United States. For all of its flaws, I'm mighty glad that I live here.

4. Underwear. Quite necessary.

5. Underoos. Not to be confused with your ordinary underwear, Underoos are the bomb. Mine were of the Wonder Woman persuasion.

6. Unicycles. They always imply a little bit of fun.

7. Uniforms. I do like the look of a neat and tidy uniform, regardless of if it's snappy Marine Corps dress blues, or a fresh hotel maid.

8. Ukulele. I mean, really...can you help but smile when a ukulele is involved?

9. Ultimate. Such a powerful word. Tyler's Ultimate, the Ultimate Cheeseburger...who can argue with the word ultimate?

10. Underwater Cameras. My brother in law has one and we're totally having fun with it this week!

Cruise on over to Beyond Black and White to see what everyone else is thankful for.


Crayl said...

Thank you for linking. Great list. Hope you are having a blast on your vacation!

Misty said...

underwater cameras are awesome. we have one too!

Thany said...

If you like a ukulele lady, ukulele lady like-a yoooou....

Mrs. Carol said...

One thing about having a uniform--you always know what to wear. Think of all the time we could save...