Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terrific T Words

For your reading pleasure, I present ten things that I am thankful for that begin with the letter T.

1. Toyota Sequoia. My husband bought me a beautiful new Sequoia last year and I absolutely love it.

2. Taboo. You remember the game Taboo, right? My buddy and I used to totally rock that game; I'll bet we still could!

3. Tostitos. In my opinion, the perfect, store-bought corn chip.

4. Tombstone. One of my top ten favorite movies of all time.

5. Tootin' Tilton. He's provided lots of entertainment to our family over the years. Seriously, look him up.

6. Thumbs. They really do make life easier.

7. Texas Roadhouse. So delicious. How I wish we had one here; the closest is in Yuma. We just might make the road trip for dinner one of these days. A plate of ribs, a warm roll and some sweet tea. I'm in heaven!

8. Thunderstorms. I am a happy camper if I find myself in Arizona during monsoon season.

9. Ticonderoga Pencils. The only non-mechanical pencil I will use.

10. Thanksgiving. My second favorite holiday. The sights, the smells, the food, the football, the family, the traditions....it's perfect.

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Misty said...

i love a good thunderstorm!

Crayl said...

There is a Texas Roadhouse being built within a couple miles of Scott and Susie's house, not even kidding. Should be open soon.....