Friday, October 24, 2008


One of my favorite childhood memories is our Easter vacations. Each year, our family headed out to Lake Jennings and went camping. Not just me and my folks, either. My grandparents went, as well as several sets of cousins. We had so much fun; campfires, playgrounds, coloring eggs, fishing, it was great! It was an annual tradition for many years.

Each year as part of our Easter basket/present, my cousin and I received matching outfits. I thought that today I'd share with you the sweet outfits that we were given in 1982.

Isn't this fabulous? What girls wouldn't love purple sweats? That's pure, Easter delight right there. Add to that the home-made crocheted purses and we were set!

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, the next day they pulled out the second gift...nightgowns! Woo hoo! AND the nifty bunny puppets. What lucky girls we were!

There's one other picture that I'd like to add for this year. First, let me tell you that my mom was always super cool when it came to birthday parties. Whatever theme I wanted that year, she always did it for me. I had a Muppet year, some various princess years, you know, standard fare. But this year, I wanted rainbows. Well, rainbows it was. My mom was so cool. I know that she hated it, she said it was too busy and kind of made her dizzy, but she did it for me. Looking back now, I totally see what she meant!

These were my best friends; some were neighbors, some were from school, some were from church. One of them later became husband's first girlfriend! After the snacks and cake, we had a two-square tournament in the driveway. And something in the yard, dodge ball I think. Good times.

That's all for today. See you in 1983!


Thany said...

Oh I love the rainbows!! and the matchy-matchy...lets just say that I am a big fan of your 1982. :)

JamieB said...

and it's not just that the sweats were purple, it's the shade of purple that makes them so the 80's!
and what a great idea to have a rainbow party - very creative. esp the cloud covered table cloth.