Friday, January 9, 2009


While I'm not back to full blogging form, I do have a few offerings for you from 1989. Some are a bit different this time, they don't all have me in them. They're all special to me though; I hope you enjoy them.

I mentioned to you in my 1988 post, I was finally old enough for Youth Group. Well, one of the perks? Snow Camp!!! Man, we had fun. Some might say a bit too much fun...we almost didn't get to come back the next year! he he he

Same snow camp. This was the first time that I'd ever been in falling snow. I will never forget how beautiful it was.

(The two hunky guys certainly added to the fun! Sadly, I don't recall much about them. I think the one in the puffy jacket was named Mike. Don't even remember the name of the other one.)

From the snow to the beach... In the summer of '89, the youth group went on a mission trip to Hermosillo, Mexico. Somewhere along the way (in Mexico), we stopped for two days of fun before getting to the missions work. We stayed in a condo right on the beach!

Back before Michael's was around, the big craft store in town was LeeWards. My mom and I got the bee in our bonnet to take a cake decorating class. This is my first cake. Not too shabby for a beginner, eh?

I've mentioned Bisbee before. In 1989, we found ourselves back for a family reunion. Pillows, jackets, kleenex, walkman. We're set!

For a while, my cousin, Brett, worked at the main Hershey site in Hershey, Pennsylvania. When he came out for Christmas in 1989, he loaded his car FULL of candy for us all. Seriously, I've never seen that much candy in my life. Grandpa was the lucky one who received the giant Hershey bar!

Since I posted a picture of Grandpa H. (my mom's dad), I also had to post a picture of Grandma and Granddad (my dad's folks). I have always liked this picture of them. I miss them so very much!!!

Talk about your hunky guys.... I didn't take this one, I didn't even know that I had it. It's got my (at the time) best friends' writing on the back so either she took it or it was given to her. My, how we were in love with John and Andy! If someone would have told me then that in six years I'd be married to the dreamboat in the white shirt, I'd have never believed them!

That's all I've got for today...see you in 1990!

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MomOfDudes said...

I just love these posts. They remind me of happy times.

Your first cake was great!