Friday, December 19, 2008


How is it that these Fridays keep coming so fast? It seems like these days I'm only blogging my list on Tuesday and my Flashback! Oh well, hopefully after the first of the year things will settle down a bit and I'll get back to writing regularly. Anyhow, for your entertainment, a few pictures from 1988...

Ah, here we are. I was in 7th grade, finally a part of ...drum roll please...youth group! I was the youngest in my circle of friends, so my 6th grade year seemed to take forever, waiting until I could join them! In this picture, we're on our way to Winter Camp. Don't I look dressed for it? Earrings, layered look complete with shoulder pads...

What am I doing here, you ask? It was my thirteenth birthday; my grandparents took me out to dinner (where an older guy tried to send a drink over to me...that didn't go over so well with my grandma!) and while we were eating, my folks set up a surprise party for me at Grandma and Granddad's house. Apparently Mom or Dad pulled out a camera and caught me spinning around once I realized that we were coming back to a house full of people.

Seventh grade, seventh period, Study Hall, skinny! Man I wish I still looked like that!!!

My best friend and I, playing the offertory for church. I'm the one playing the piano. We did Thy Word (Amy Grant). Honestly, we sounded pretty good...

Here we are, at our friend's older sister's wedding. We were the punch bowl people, or cake people or something like that. Oddly enough our friend and her sister are AC's cousins, so now I'm related to them. Funny how things turn out sometimes.

First day of 8th grade. This was kind of a big day for me. From Kindergarten through 7th grade, I'd gone to a private school; this was my first day of, gasp, public school. It only lasted one semester.

Remember that talent show in 1987 where Debbie and I were the do-op girls? Same church, same talent show, only this year it's Dana and I doing a Laurel and Hardy number. It was quite fun. I don't know why I didn't take the time to slick my hair back like she did though, it would have looked so much better!

This is the only Thanksgiving that I've ever spent away from my family... I'm not sure why we did this on Thanksgiving weekend, but for some reason, I went with Dana and her folks on a quick trip to San Francisco. We had Thanksgiving dinner at a Sizzler. This picture has always made me smile. I really, really like it. A few years back, AC and I were in San Fran with the kiddos, and we have a picture of me and the boys sitting on the wall about where the guy in the blue jacket is standing.

See? Horrible pic of me, but I had to show the proof! :-) (Summer of 2005)

I had to post this one for two reasons. One, well, Dana and I for some reason were very happy to find a Rice-A-Roni trolley car. And two, well, see for yourself....

In August of 1995 AC and I had been married for seven months and we were on vacation. We found out in Oregon that I was pregnant with John. On our way back, we stopped in San Francisco, and I really wanted to find the trolley car that Dana and I had posed by. It wasn't the same one, but still, it was a Rice-A-Roni car!

Wow. That was like a double bonus; pictures from 1988, 1995 and 2005. Sweet! I'd like to think that next Friday I'll post, but really, it'll be the day after Christmas and we're getting up at 3am to drive to Monterey. It might not happen. But stick with me! I'll be back, I promise!


Dana said...

Thanks for the San Fran pics. Do you remember I saw Mary Poppins for the first time on that trip? And remember the stuffed Muppetes from McD's. I still put Kermit and Piggy out every Christmas. I smiled a lot this week... Thanks and Merry Christmas.

MomOfDudes said...

I completely LOVE these flashback fridays.

Merry Christmas my friend

Love, Troysie