Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodbye, Old Friend

Tonight you closed your doors forever; I miss you already.

I grew up with you, my children have grown up with you.

I've eaten dinner with you more than with any other.

I've celebrated many occasions with you; date nights, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day... I've even toasted in the New Year with you.

My eldest son received his first sunburn at your place when he was an infant. (I do not hold your heat lamps responsible, it was entirely my fault!)

A great many memories were made at the big round booth in the corner, our booth.

Your chips and salsa were my favorite. Enchiladas, guacamole, flautas, you did it all! I had planned to eat with you the night I get my braces off...there was a large plate of nachos with my name on it!

Now all I have is this picture to remember you by; my family opening your doors for the last time.

You, my friend, will be sorely missed. You are my family's Cheers. Sure, there are other locations, but were the best!

Adios, Amigo.


MomOfDudes said...

It is just not the same without those good old places. I hope you find an amazing substitute.

Thany said...

Sigh. We had so many date nights there and we always seemed to get the same waitress. she knew I would order root beer and that David would order Dr. Pepper even though he knew they didn't carry it and he'd settle on Diet Coke.

I had a lovely New Years Eve there with my bestest of friends there once.


Crayl said...

I don't even get to say goodbye?
That stinks.