Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday - Oops!

Does anyone remember the brilliant idea that I had last Friday? Then one where I planned to start a flashback photo blog? Each week, a new picture? Yes, well, I've run into a slight problem. It occurred to me last night all photos of me prior to 1988ish are not here at my house; they are still in albums at my parents' house! Oops.

Now I realize that I could have pulled a post-1988 picture for today, but that was not my intent. Since I started at the beginning last week, I want to continue on with my time line, not jump ahead to my teen years. I will be spending some time at their house this weekend, so I will undoubtedly be poring through the albums in search of the perfect little gems to share with you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I did not want to let you down today. I mean, you went through all the trouble to come and visit me, right? So for your viewing pleasure this week, I proudly present a picture that I have of my husband and a few of his siblings.

Judging by their ages, I believe this must have been taken in the fall of 1975. This is a lesson in parenting, if you really think about it. Apparently all you need to amuse and entertain your children is a box, a cowboy hat and a fire extinguisher. Who knew?

My hubby? The stud in the hat!


Susie said...

I used to do Flashback Friday posts, too (I thought I was original at the time!) and then got lazy... I was thinking about starting them back up again, though, too. It's fun to go down memory lane!

Thany said...

Cardboard boxes are magic!

ruthb said...

Can you email me that picture? I have good memories of those days! It was fun being the big sister! I loved those little boys with all my heart! (Still do, but yknow what I mean!)

Red Riding Hood said...

awesomeness! The fire extinguisher adds an exciting touch to any cardboard box! as for the cowboy hat...excellent accessorizing!