Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lovely "L" Words

Tuesday again. This week it's a list of my favorite things that begin with the letter "L". Enjoy...

As always, in no particular order:

1. Lucy Van Pelt. Words cannot tell you how much I adore her; I truly, truly love her. Have any of you noticed my recent(ish) tribute to her??? Hmmm?

2. Lunchboxes. I was most proud of my Return of the Jedi lunch box in fourth grade. I was teased mercilessly, "...a girl shouldn't have a Star Wars lunchbox..." No matter. With my head held high, I carried it proudly every single day. The best lunchbox ever, it was.

3. Limoncello. AC has his Scotch, I have my Limoncello. Mmmmm.

4. Leather Seats. Don't know that I can ever go back to cloth.

5. Lists. I thrive on lists.

6. Luminaries. Specifically the luminaries in our neighborhood every Christmas Eve. If you're nearby, you should drive around; it'll take your breath away.

7. Lofthouse Sugar Cookies. The super soft, frosted ones that they sell at the grocery store.

8. Laurel & Hardy. I know there are some that don't care for them, but I was raised on them. They make me happy.

9. Lost Highway. Both the song and the album. Seriously, Bon Jovi's still got it goin' on.

10. Longitudinal. Say it out loud. It's a terribly funny word.


Crayl said...

Fabulous list. Your right, it is fun to say outloud.

Crayl said...


You are, you're.

Mrs. Carol said...

Limoncello. I got some from a friend as a wedding gift. I thought it was bath oil. I still have a little left. Obviously I never heard of it before.