Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Day in Pictures

We started the day at our favorite
coffee joint in Carpenteria.
The next stop was Crushcakes.
It was tasty, but I decided that my
Limoncello Cupcakes are just as good.

The water was so blue today.
Top Gun Part 2?  :-)

For some reason, I love train tracks.

We stumbled across a store closing sale at Haggen's.
Hooray for 50% off!

After our morning activities, we picked up the kid.
He'd suggested coming back to the hotel to play games,
but he promptly settled in for a nap instead.
I guess college wears him out!

Once he woke up, it was time to eat.
Taking a page of out his brother's playbook,
he chose to go to Outback.

After dinner, we came back to the hotel, saved the world again,
(dang, we're good at that game), and then took one
last picture before returning him to school.

We walked over eight miles today.
Now I'm curled up with a drink in my hand and a football game on TV.  
It's been a great two days up here visiting Matthew; tomorrow we get to see John.  
I'm so thankful that they ended up at schools that are reasonably close together. 
Yay for long weekends, visits with your kids, and time away with your hubby!


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