Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oily Thoughts

I don’t sleep well.  Like, it’s a serious problem.  In the last fifteen years or so, I can count one hand the number of times that I’ve slept through the night.  I’m not kidding; I don’t know what it’s like to go to bed at bedtime and then wake up when the alarm goes off.

Because I love sleep so much and was pretty desperate, back in January I decided to give Essential Oils a try.  I have a number of smart friends who use them (and swear by them).  So today I thought I’d share my ten favorite oils (so far).

1. Lavender.  I’m pretty picky about my lavender scents, but the one that I have (combined with a few other oils) does seem to help me sleep a little bit better

2. Lemongrass.  Not only is it a component in my homemade pain cream, but it’s one of my favorite scents to diffuse in the summertime.

3 Sandlewood.  This is what I would add to the lavender for bedtime if I could afford it.  So wonderful, yet one of the more pricey ones.

4 Breathe Again.  A blend that comes in a roller ball so that I can carry it in my purse and use it when I’m congested?  Yes please!

5 Mel-A.  The bomb for cold sores.  And probably a bunch of other things.  But I haven’t tried it for other things yet.

6 Bergamot.  Something new that I’m trying with the lavender.  I’m thinking that it might be helping.

7 Stress Away.  Hands down my favorite scent to apply.  I don’t know if it actually takes the stress away, but the smell makes me super happy and helps me to focus and calm down when I need it.

8 Peppermint.  I’ve used this for all things tummy.  Pretty effective.

9 Tranqil.  A sleepy-time blend in a roller ball…I apply this one at night while I’m diffusing the others.

10 Joy.  This is my very favorite to diffuse.  It makes the whole house smell so yummy wonderful.

There are a lot more oils out there; we'll see if I start to use them more in time.
I have some others, but I haven't necessarily figured out what to do with them.
For now, I'm pleased with these.

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