Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Five Plus Five Does Equal Ten

Lists are so awesome.
Hooray for Tuesdays!

Five Less-Than-Fantastic Things About Having An Empty Nest

1.  No games.  My hubs really doesn't like to play games, so when they're gone, I really miss my game buddies.

2.  Less exuberant laughter.  AC and I do laugh at things, but lets face it...teenagers laugh in a much more infectious way.

3.  Coming home to an empty house.  My #1 son has always been so good at running down the stairs to greet me when I get home from work (he still does it when he's home on breaks); I miss him.  It's too quiet when I get home.

4.  A smaller labor pool.  For  years I never had to vacuum or carry in the groceries.  That was nice while it lasted!

5.  Not nearly as much guitar playing.  There aren't enough words to express how much I miss hearing my #2 son play the guitar on a daily basis.  Seriously.

However...not to be too negative.....

Five Totally GREAT Things About Having An Empty Nest

1.  Freedom to come and go.  Technically I've been able to come and go for years as the boys have been self sufficient for quite a while. Still, it's different when they still live with you.  It's nice not having to worry about anyone else's schedule.

2.  Every night is a date night.  Enough said.

3.  Meats and cheese and wine.  It's so freeing not to feel pressure to put a big meal together for growing people.  Meat, cheese and wine is one of our favorites.  So simple, yet so good!

4.  The grocery shopping is easier.  Gone are the days when I have to buy six gallons of milk at a time!  It's amazing how few groceries the two of us really need.

5.  The house says clean!  There's something pretty awesome about the house being as clean and tidy at 5pm as it was when I left it at 8am.

As with any journey, this transition into an empty nest has had it's ups and downs.
Still...I'm thankful that there are happy things to balance out the moments when I miss my kiddos.

(And I may be counting the days until Thanksgiving; I can't wait to have all of my people in the same room at the same time!)

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