Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrating The Letter "J"

It must be Tuesday again. Wow. That week went fast!

In no particular order, except for the first one:

1. John. Specifically, my son, John. Words cannot express how much I love him. I am so proud of the young man he's becoming.

2. Jacuzzis. They're so relaxing and so much fun. I'm enjoying having one at my disposal this week.

3. Jack-in-the-Box tacos. While I admit that they're not even a close approximation to real tacos, I really do love them.

4. Jump. Van Halen. Classic.

5. Joe. As in, "Have a cup of..." My granddad used to say it; my dad still does. It always brings a smile to my face.

6. Junior Mints. The perfect movie snack.

7. Jedi. I wish I was one. Remember the scene in Attack of the Clones when Mace Windu shows up in the arena and says, "This party's over" and then all across the arena, tons of Jedi ignite their lightsabers and the battle begins? Yep. I SO wanted to be one of them; it was a proud moment.

8. Jersey-knit sheets. I love my sheets. Crawling into bed feels like crawling into the softest, smoothest t-shirt known to man.

9. Jackets. I love jackets. Partly because jackets can be super cute, and partly because of what seeing a jacket means...it's cold outside! Love both jackets AND jacket weather.

10. Juice. Whether by itself, in a Popsicle, in a smoothie or as a mixer, juice is fabulous!


Crayl said...

Nice list. Thank you for linking up today.Enjoy your Jacuzzi.

Misty said...

mmmm. i want a jacuzzi. And i agree in re: to the JR mints. WHOLE HEARTEDLY> esp. when frozen.

Thany said...

#7 is the reason we will be friends forever.

Amy said...

I so concur!