Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get It Right, People

Is it really asking too much that the channels be set on the same stations each day at the gym? Let me explain...

While I normally listen to my iPod as I'm sweating away at the gym, my habit it to choose which cardio machine I'm going to park myself on based on the channels of the televisions that are mounted from the ceiling. Even though I'm usually listening to the likes of Bon Jovi or Van Halen, I do like to watch TV and scan the captioning. In doing this, I'm able to enjoy my music, work out, and stay informed, all at the same time.

My station of choice is ESPN. I like to catch up on the scores from the previous night's baseball games as well as stay up to date on the sports world in general. I'm especially giddy this time of year as I see football news starting to appear, announcing that the glorious time of year known as Football Season is rapidly approaching. But I digress...

Today, someone clearly didn't get it right. I walked over to my usual area, glanced at the TV, saw that commercials were on, and then hopped up on the elliptical. Imagine my dismay when the commercials ceased...instead of ESPN, someone had set the channel to, gasp!, Good Morning, America!

Gone was my daily dose of baseball scores, the witty banter between Hall of Fame-ers, the latest on the Favre scuttlebutt...all gone! Instead, I was subjected to looking at Diane Sawyer and a ridiculously long interview with George Michaels. Purely disgusting!

Why didn't I switch machines, you may ask? Clearly that's not the point. Every day, that TV plays ESPN. I've come to expect it. The sun rises, I go the gym, I watch ESPN. That's how it works. I'm sure I'm not the only one who chooses machines based on shows; others must do the same thing.

So again, I it too much to expect that the TV gnomes get it right tomorrow?


southerncalkath said...

I love it! You are the most awesome multi-task-er!
All you need now is a Universal Remote in hand while on the elliptical. :)
Keep up the good work!

ruthb said...

I did the same thing, how funny! Then I joined a gym that had a TV in each machine......then I had to choose a machine based on my mood or something (or who I didn't want to be next to, yknow, the chatty ones who will go on for your entire workout!) Good for you, hitting the gym!

Red Riding Hood said...

I HAVE become so engrossed in the TV at the gym that I triped and fell off the treadmill. Now I just stick to the bike. :)