Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By The Numbers

Well, Crayl gets points for creativity! Today's Ten on Tuesday list is a numbered list. Here we go...

One. The number of times (besides childbirth) that I've been hospitalized. While I do have some physical issues and I get frustrated with them from time to time, I have truly been blessed. God is good.

Two. The number of children that I have. I adore my boys. Again, God is good. I wouldn't know what to do with a girl; He knew that and he gave me boys. Sure, they drive me nuts sometimes, but I am always very thankful for them.

Three. The number of places I've lived. In my life. Ever. While I'm starting to feel a change coming and I have no idea what the future holds for us, I'm quite thankful for the stability that I've always had.

Four. The number of plants that are actually living out front. I got tired of the barren wasteland, so I planted a few things. So far, so good. When I look out the kitchen window, I smile.

Five. The number bags of chocolate chips in my fridge. I bought a ton of them while they were on sale at Christmas time, so now I have everything I need to make cookies if my sweet tooth suddenly gets the best of me. Yay for planning ahead! (I'm actually thankful for the sale prices, too. Chocolate chips can get pricey!)

Six. The number of coffee mugs that I have. Andy has his own, the kids have their own; these six are mine. It's fun each morning to, depending on my mood, select just the right mug for the day.

Seven. The number of months that I've been on the Little League Board of Directors. While it's a lot of work and at times I'm overwhelmed, I'm happy to be involved in something that is such a big part of my boys' lives. It's also a great way to get to know the men that are coaching and working with the kids!

Eight. The number of sweatshirts that are in my rotation. Each one not only keeps me warm, but has specific memories attached to it. I have no willy-nilly sweatshirts...they're all significant.

Nine. The number of days until my birthday! Yay!

Ten. The number of noodles that I just made for my lasagna. Why ten? Well, the nine to go in the pan and the extra one to munch on while I'm putting the whole thing together. This one's actually a trifecta of thankfulness: thankful for the noodle itself in all of it's yummy goodness, thankful for lasagna in general and thankful that now dinner is done!

See you next Tuesday!


Crayl said...

Fabulous list!!

Thany said...

Is one of those sweatshirts maroon with blue stripes and belong to someone a lot of us girls had a crush on way back in the day? ;)